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Mobile Enrichment Ministry

MEM (Mobile Enrichment Ministry) is located in Bangalore and has these goals:

1. We are committed to effectively enrich others by meeting felt needs such as medical and other practical assistance and helping take the good news of Christ to Bangalore, Karnataka, and beyond.

2. To assist and energize new churches.

3. To do and equip others in spreading the good news.

To accomplish these goals a major means is outreach through health camps, with the use of a mobile clinic project van. Sometimes in conjunction we do children's ministry and other modes of outreach such as Christian literature and the Jesus video.

The 3 founding members of MEM

A MEM team with the mobile medical clinic van

The region
Medical camps (part 1)
Medical camps (part 2)
Health & Hygene training
Mobile medical clinic van (part 1)
Mobile medical clinic van (part 2)
Childrens ministry
Literature and Jesus video
Aid to lepers
Practical Ministry Course
Opportunities with MEM
MEM main page

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