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Our vision for this region

Our goal is to bring the two handed gospel (practical help and the gospel message) to the unreached rural areas in the Bangalore region in South India. Bangalore is in state of Karnataka, the most unreached state in South India. The rural areas in Karnataka are even more unreached than some areas of North India. Most of our ministry emphasis is in this state, though we sometimes also minister in Tamil Nadu to the south or Andhra Pradesh to the east.

Map of the 10-40 window, where the most unreached parts of the world are. India falls in the window, especially areas in rural india where there is more need.

Another view of the 10-40 window, showing cities. Outside the cities the people are much less reached with the gospel.

Location in India of the state of Karnataka

The districts in Karnataka

Topographical map of Karnataka.

A woman in Hampi, a very Hindu region of northern Karnataka. The state of Karnataka is 83% Hindu and 11% Muslim.

Children in one of the many rural village a few hours from Bangalore. There are many poor villages in this region of South India.

The region
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